Petroleum Links


Petroleum Links

Organizations and Societies

Canadian Society of Unconvential Gas (CSUG): Faciliates the factual and colloaborative exchange of unconventional gas knowledge and challenges amoung government, regulators, industry, and public stakeholders with intent on producting the resource in an evironmental and economic manner.

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE): Technical and professional organization with exstensive library on all aspects of the petroleum industry including geology, geophysics, numerical simulation, well testing, drilling, completions. Technology applications include heavy oil, CBM, shale gas, and conventional sands.

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC): Facilitating innovation, collobrative research and technology development, demonstration, and deployment for the Canadian Hydrocarbon industry.

The Small Explorers and Producers Association of Canada (SEPAC): Represents the unique interests of small oil and gas producers, and represents them with government and other sectors of the energy industry.

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP): Organization of Upstream oil and gas producers working with members, governments, communities, and stakeholders to address key issues about the practice and production of oil, natural gas, CBM, crude oil, oil sands, and sulphur

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC): Coordinates and unifies the petroleum policies of Member Countries and ensures stabilization of oil markets in order to secure efficient, economic, and regular supply of petroleum.

Government Links

Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (ERCB): The Energy Resources Conversation Board is an independant, quasi-judicial agency of the Government of Alberta. The ERCB regulates the safe, responsible, and efficient development of Alberta’s energy resources: oil, natural gas, oil sands, coal, and electrical energy; and the pipelines and transmission lines to move the resources to market

British Columbia Oil and Gas Commision: Regulates BC’s oil and gas sector for the benefit of all British Columbians.

Saskatechwan Energy and Resources: Coordinates, develops, promotes, and implements policies and programs of the Government of Saskatchewan that strengthen and diversify the Saskatchewan economy. SER is the lead provincial government agency to spur growth and development of the provinces resource sector